Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cooking Memories with my Dad.

Trying to find the time to start blogging again, I need to give myself a goal to push myself. I especially want to save some of my Dad's favourite recipes so I have them to pass on. My Dad and I love cooking together, we would work in silence mostly but we had a rhythm and seemed to just understand what each of us needed to do. Since he pass last September I've cooked a couple holiday meals that remind me of him as they were his specialties. Recipes that he either invented or doctored up.

His Meatroll was a Christmas Eve staple for our family and his Easter Ham boiled in cola and then glazed with Brown Sugar and Dijon Mustard. I made both of these and did my best to recreate his recipes but every cook has different touches that they add or alter and both my efforts were tasty but not the same as his creations. But at least when I try to remember his recipes it brings me closer to him and I remember the feeling of working with him in the kitchen. I can only hope that Otis takes a interest and I can share all my knowledge with him and pass on 4 generations of home cooking.

For now I just need to start blogging again and get my brain working.

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